About Rentablecloths.com

Rentablecloths.com is a division of Finch Rental, Inc., a family owned and operated party rental company located in Dayton, Ohio. Finch Rental provides a full spectrum of party rental equipment and decorating services, and has been serving the wedding and special events needs of the  tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky since 1947. We are on our third Finch generation to work within the business, and believe us when we say, it's much more than just a business to us. 

Our History

How did we get started shipping tablecloths across the US? Well, since we've been offering our standard tablecloths at such affordable rates for so long, customers who have moved out of our delivery area have continued to order from us, and have their cloths shipped via UPS. We also began shipping to regular customers in surrounding states to avoid the expense of sending a truck and driver. Then with the recent surge in destination weddings, we began shipping our cloths all over the East Coast. Most of the better venues will accept their customer's freight, and once these venues learned of us, we became their regular suppliers as well.

How we Started

It seemed the next natural step was to go national with our rentals. So, in an effort to help stamp out the misuse of plastic tablecloths (and go green), we decided to expand our reach nationally! (Please don't misunderstand, we aren't plastic snobs, it's just that there are those events where they just shouldn't be used :-).

Going National